Embassy of Foreign Artists     
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Eté 2013

Embassy of Foreign Artist

During Summer 2013 Wonderlust offers 10 days between the lake of Geneva and the Ticino with a group of motivated people bringing in their current fields of research, the reflections on questions they are working on. This unique program renders possible to collaboratively work with internationally renowned artists, authors and curators in an atmosphere of trust. The thematic framework is defined by their individual proposals and the resulting discussions in the group and also by the context of the itinerant situation between Geneva and the Ticino. We aim to make possible surprising encounters and exchanges, discussions in an open, free and stimulating structure in a motivating context. Wonderlust wants to provide a rich, well-supported environment for organic and unforeseeable events to occur, for pooling knowledge, developing forms of attention but also for sharing uncertainties and exploring instabilities. A project of common learning and unlearning.

Practices include: common walks and visits, common activities and workshops, lectures, filmscreenings and dinner discussions – and daily broadcasts on LapTopRadio.org