Embassy of Foreign Artists     

Aaron Fabian

Période de résidence : d’octobre à décembre 2013

I intend to produce the sixth issue of Zug Magazine with the topic of « Invisible ». This issue will assemble works that are both sharp and fragile as the edges of a broken glass. It will focus on the medium of drawing and snapshot photographic works where perception and conception are at their closest. Zug has its roots the the DIY aesthetics of zines. As a hint to this “spur of the moment” way of creating the “Invisible” issue will edit intimate, fragile, vulnerable works whose outcomes are due to impulse and exempt from any possibility premeditation.

I also intend to create a small book with my own personal works that I will make in Geneva during the five months of my stay. This will contain drawings and photographs, basically the things I will come across and find inspiring or uninspring, but in any case mark out the creation of this newest issue. This is intended to be an independent fanzine from Innen Publishing that will be like a kind of work-in-progress archive reflecting on the process of the construction of this the sixth issue. It will illustrate the network of encounters that I will construct during my Genevan sojourn.


Année de résidence :