Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Mohammad Abbasi

*1977 in Shiraz, lives and works in Tehran
Residency period: October to December 2018
Actor, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker and festival director

Mohammad Abbasi studied theatre in Tehran university. He acted in several productions of Mehr theater group. In 2003 he created his first dance piece “Recall your birthday” . In 2008 He left Iran to study…

Aziz Hazara

*1992 in Wardak, Afghanistan, lives and works in Kaboul
Période de résidence : August to September 2018

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia New Delhi

I am interested in questions of identity, memory, conflict and migration in the context of power relation, geopolitics, panopticism and particularly how these four shape the human condition at large.

Molly Joyce

*1992 in Pittsburgh (USA), lives and works in Pittsburgh
Residency period : October to December 2018
Composer and performer

Active as a composer and performer, Molly Joyce’s music has been described as “impassioned” (The Washington Post), written to “superb effect” (The Wire), and “vibrant, inventive music that communicates…

Angela Stiegler

*1987 in Munich, lives and works in Munich and Berlin
Residency period : July to September 2018
Visual artist and works with sculpture, video and performance

Angela Stiegler shows the human body as a digitally sculptural image of human actions and human affect. Stiegler is demonstrating that within the horizon of contemporary science, the human …