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The Maison Baron consists of a main house, an annex, and an expansive garden. Built in the 18th century, the house is a surviving example of a style which dotted Geneva’s countryside in the middle of the 20th century. The City of Geneva bought the estate in 1992, and for many years it housed the french-speaking branch of the Swiss Arts Council’s Pro Helvetia.

Located in the Commune de Carouge, Maison Baron is located between Geneva’s city centre and the suburban municipalities of the industrial area of La Praille. The sector is currently undergoing a major redevelopment and a particularly interesting context for projects relating to urban space. For further information: http://etat.geneve.ch/pav/accueil.html




salle à manger


bureau chambre 1

chambre 2

chambre 3

bureau chambre 3

chambre 4

Photos : Sandro Steudler