Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Rashayla Marie Brown

*1982 in Toledo (USA), lives and works in Chicago (USA)
Residency period : April to June 2020

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

Artist-scholar Rashayla Marie Brown manages an “undisciplinary” studio practice through photography, performance, writing, installation, and video. A lifelong nomad who has moved 24 times, she began…

Joshua Chiundiza

* 1984 in Harare (Zimbabwe), lives and work in Harare (Zimbabwe)

Residency period: April to June 2020

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

Joshua Chiundiza is an Audiovisual artist, Emcee and DJ from Zimbabwe, where he works from his Husikisiki Studio in Harare. Joshua’s work explores the sonic, visual, spiritual and social aspects of …

Colectivo Utopico Colectivo Utopico
* 2018 (Buenos Aires, Salvador da Bahía, Geneva) 
International exchange in specific contexts

Residency period: July 2020

A coproducción between 7oito Produções, Fiac Bahia (Brazil), K7 Productions (Switzerland) and Plataforma LODO (Argentina). 
In collaboration with the Swiss foundation Pro Helvetia in the framework of their South American programme


* 2012 in Berlin
Lives and works all over the world.
Residency period: January to September 2020

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

Constructlab is the implementation of a variable collaborative practice. For each project, a variety of professionals from the local area and from the four corners of Europe (architects, designers, builders,…

Joshua Craze

*1982 in London (England), lives and works in Berlin (Germany)

Residency period: October to December 2020


Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

In 2014, he was the UNESCO Artist Laureate in Creative Writing. He has had residencies at Art OMI in New York, and at Dar al Ma’Mûn in Marrakech. His fiction and essays have been published widely, …

Guerreiro Do Divino Amor

* 1983 in Geneva, lives and work in Rio de Janeiro

Residency period: April to June 2020

Artist, architect and researcher.

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

The work of Guerreiro do Divino Amor (1983) explores super-fictions, which he consider as occulte forces that influence the construction of the territory and the collective psyche. He builds …

Abdessamad El Montassir

* 1989 in Boujdour (Morocco), lives and works between Rabat and Boujdour (Morocco)

Residency period: April to June 2020

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Cairo

Abdessamad El Montassir is associate fellow at the IMéRA – Institutes for Advanced Study in Marseille, France.

His research focuses on a trilogy that he has been developing since 2015: the …

Tara Fatehi

* 1987 in Tehran, Iran. Lives in London. Works in London and Tehran.

Residency period: Oct to Dec 2020

Artist / Performer / Researcher

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

Tara Fatehi Irani is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and performance maker working with mistranslated memories and unattended archives. Her work is primarily concerned with …

Juliette Mancini

*1989 in Vénissieux (France), lives and works in Paris (France)
Residency period: July to Septembre 2020

Cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

After studying graphic design at the Arts Décos in Paris and at the École supérieure d’art appliqué Duperré, Juliette Mancini made a bold career choice and …

Alba Triana

*1969, Bogota (Colombia), lives and works in Miami (USA).
Période de résidence : April 2020

In collaboration with Coincidencia program, Pro Helvetia


Colombian composer/sound artist Alba Triana is known for a hybrid musical production that explores the interface between natural science, art and technology, materializing in nonconventional…