Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Tidiani N'Diaye

*1988 in Mopti (Mali), lives and works in France and Mali
Residency period : October to December 2019

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva

After 4 years of training in Donko Seko dance center directed by Kettly Noël in Bamako, Tidiani won in 2009 the first prize of the Donkelaw Ball organized by the French Institute of Bamako and Donko Seko…

Angela Stiegler

*1987 in Munich, lives and works in Munich and Berlin
Residency period : tba
Visual artist and works with sculpture, video and performance

Granted by the Republic and Canton of Geneva 

Angela Stiegler shows the human body as a digitally sculptural image of human actions and human affect. Stiegler is demonstrating that within the horizon of contemporary…