Embassy of Foreign Artists     
ENTRE NOUS, Exhibition and conversation

As an introduction, the artists  @villa_efrussi@tarafteh @rmbstudios @imbalidhlamini  will be in discussion with the curator Roxane Bovet.

Talking about methodologies will allow us to weave unexpected links and deconstruct evident connections between four diverse projects: collective practices with radicalBlack queer artists, the paintings of the Lausanne artist Aloise Corbaz – interned at Cery at the beginning of the last century, histories and affects that go unseen in the United Nations archives, bringing back the image to the owner, the “unnamed” in the Swiss missionary archives.

Installations, videos of the artists and excerpts from the film “You never know one day you too might become a refugee” from @teoormondskeaping and @lena_dobrowolska  will be visible.