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Albert Khoza

*1988 in Johannesburg, lives and works in Johannesburg
Residency period : May to June 2017
Actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and performance artist

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johanessburg

Albert Ibokwe Khoza’s works continuously reveal and project a state of mind of a loner individual who is a gay man and a Sangoma (*). Through his sexuality and traditional practice he expresses his thoughts by morphing between different artistic mediums to outline social ills and what his divergent nature sees and interprets about the world he lives in, critically questioning his surroundings, his leaders and life itself. During his residency period, he will avail his creative process to his ancient guides, as he has belief in the artistic vision he will be asked to manifest.

(*) A Sangoma is a traditional healer or soothsayers who plays a central role in the physical, health and spiritual well-being of people. He can communicates with the ancestors and uses dances to invoque spirits or to send messages.

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