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Nihan Somay

*1988 in Istanbul, lives and works in Istanbul
Residency period : April to June 2018

Nihan Somay works with objects, printed matter, acts and text incorporated in temporary settings, which are often produced as a result of collective efforts. Conversing, eating, walking, reading together are essential while building up the research themes (in life and history), methodologies, journeys across the disciplines. The production and display/distribution processes aim to stage dynamics of precarity, humour, poetry and beyond.

Nihan is a member of artist group KABA HAT, and also of BAÇOY KOOP (Printing, Duplication, Distribution Cooperative). She got her BA degree from Visual Arts Department of Sabanci University and her MA degree, Master of Arts in the Public Spheres, from Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais. She is currently working her way towards a collaboration with Jean Genet.


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