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*1977 in Krasnodar, lives and works in Moscow

Residency period: April – June 2021

Artist and musician

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Moscow

Sergey Filatov is an artist, inventor, musician, and performer. Areas of interest: construction of sound sculptures, sound architecture, invention of musical instruments, sound performance, kinetic art, upcycling art. He is a member of the Union of artists of Russia and the AIAP UNESCO. Art education: Kuban State University. He is a resident of the Russian sound art community. Sergey is a participant of Ars Electronica 2015, 2020 (AT), Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019 (GB), the 58th Venice Biennale of contemporary art 2019 (IT), V Baltic Biennale of contemporary art (Ru). His artworks are in museum collections of COMEL contemporary art gallery (IT), PERMM Museum of contemporary art (RU), LEINE contemporary art gallery (DE), the Sound Museum (RU)


SonoContour is a developing technological sound art project, which include the ensembles of sound sculptures and spatial sound installations. Particular attention is paid to revealing the acoustic properties of materials: quartz, aluminum, plants’ seeds, etc.

In the process of interaction sound sculptures form a single polyphonic canvas, and visitors moving in the space can observe sound transformation. As a composer Sergey Filatov creates a kind of musical score on the basis of random or algorithmic order, relying on the natural principles of sound textures. Sound of the objects, refracted in unusual exposition spaces, is organized into a complex transformation system.

The artist designs forms with new technological functionality and aesthetic, transforming the components of specialized equipment, reincarnating their sound potential in the purpose of an element of the work of art. Sound installations reflect different principles of sound extraction (some are artist’s discoveries), as well as different timbre, volume level and sound direction.

Sound sculptures consistently embody the principle of continuous variability characteristic for natural phenomena. Presented as a total sound installation, they reorganize sound in space, embodying the idea of acoustic awareness.

Website: www.sergeyfilatov.com

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