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Theo Turpin

*1986, East Sussex, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: July until September 2015

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts he has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, developing a varied artistic practice which encompasses the mediums of sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and performance. Regardless of the medium chosen, the work always revolves around an examination of the role of visual languages in constructing our surroundings, both physical and mythical. By sampling and transforming these signs the resulting practice aims to question how people are able to interact with, and potentially, edit these visual codes.

Between 2012 and 2013 Theo Turpin was artist in residence at Palais De Tokyo which culminated in a solo project exhibited in the institution. He has also exhibited at, amongst others, La Biennale D’Anglet, The Forgotten Bar in Berlin and Bold Tendencies in London, as well as working with numerous London initiatives such as LuckyPDF and Auto Italia. His work can be found in magazines and publications such as Beaux Arts, Palais, Shaping Sculpture and Twin.


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