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Valentina Vetturi

*1979, Reggio Calabria, Italia, lives and works between Bruxelles and Bari
Residency period: January until March 2016
Artist, performer

Valentina Vetturi’s art interweaves writing performance and memory. Her works are the result of long processes involving fragments of apparently diverse forms of reality. The countless invisible characters and voices that inhabit her performances and installations lie on the never-ending borderline between presence and absence, interpreting the world around us.

She has taken part in residency programmes in Italy and abroad and her works have been shown in public and private institutions, including MAXXI Rome, Tranzit.ro Bucharest, Swiss Institute Rome, Fondazione Sandretto Turin, Kunsthalle Göppingen Germany, MACRO Rome , Viafarini Milan, Spazio Salenbauch Venice, FAAP São Paulo, Galleria Marilena Bonomo Bari.

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