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Alex Morrison

*1971, Redruth, England, lives and works in Vancouver and in Brussels
Residency period: April until June 2014

How long did you stay?
I stayed for 3 months.
What was the benefit of your residence?
The residency was extremely beneficial to my work and career as an artist. I met many new colleagues and had the time and funding to create a new body of work. The sculpture studio was perfect and the Maison Baron was an excellent place to live.
Did you achieve what you wanted?
Yes. I achieved what I wanted in the time I was given. I made many sculptures in preparation for an exhibition in Banff, Canada.
Did you develop professional and social relation during your stay?
Yes, besides making the acquaintance of my two generous hosts at Maison Baron, Madelaine and Richard I connected with many others. I met other artists, curators, art dealers and critics.
What are your feelings on the local scene?
I really like the local scene. It is small but very intimate. The institutions put on some very good exhibitions. Everyone that I met was very pleasant and generous. The Maison Baron is a particularly excellent asset to the city of Geneva. I hope it can continue to host foreign artists.
Tell us something that surprised you?
I was surprised by the setting of Maison Baron, it was beautiful. I was surprised by the quality of the studio facilities. The studio was fantastic.
Alex Morrison 2014


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