Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Joo-hee Yang

*1982, South Korea, lives and works in Marseille and in Seoul
Residency period: January until March 2014

En effet il m’apparait comme fondamental que le processus de création s’apparente à une sorte de pendule, dont les oscillations entre certitudes intimes et réfutations critiques rythment le cours, avec une fréquence telle que ni la croyance aveugle…

Phillip Reeves

*1985 , Surrey, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: July until September 2014

‘Through painting, I depict fictional and occasionally fantastical scenes that initially explore the blurred sense of time and place within memories. Dreamlike interiors and landscapes incorporate familiar elements of life that both stylistically…

Hazel Meyer

*1979, Ottawa, Canada, lives and works in Toronto
Residency period: October until December 2014

From the monumental to the modest Hazel Meyer’s projects range from large installations, to small woven tags meant for an audience of one. She explores seemingly disparate yet overlapping preoccupations — intestines and athletics, feminism and the absurd,…

Alex Morrison

*1971, Redruth, England, lives and works in Vancouver and in Brussels
Residency period: April until June 2014

How long did you stay?
I stayed for 3 months.
What was the benefit of your residence?
The residency was extremely beneficial to my work and career as an artist. I met many new colleagues and had the time and funding to create a new body of work. The…

Urara Tsuchiya

*1979, Japan, lives and works in Glasgow
Residency period : July until September 2014
Artist, costume designer

My practice explores the disconcertion that can be found between the personal and social worlds. My work includes creating performances, videos, and live events. I often incorporates soft sculptures, costumes, masks, and home cooking. These …

Anne-Charlotte Yver

*1987, Saint-Mandé, France, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: July until September 2014

Diplômée de l’école des Beaux-arts de Paris en 2011, Anne-Charlotte développe depuis, à travers des projets d’exposition (Galerie In Situ en 2012, Palais de Tokyo en 2013, Galerie Marine Veilleux et Salon de Montrouge en 2014) et de résidences (avec…

Taran Khan

*1978, Mumbai, India, lives and works in Mumbai
Residency period: April until June 2014
Journalist, writer

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia New Delhi

Taran Khan is a journalist and writer who has been traveling to Kabul since 2006, where she has worked closely with Afghan media producers and filmmakers. Her essays explore the life of the city beyond the events…

Liu Tian

*1984, China, lives and works in Hangzhou
Residency period: October until December 2014
Artist and curator

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Shanghai

Liu Tian is a Chinese artist and curator, he researches into topics relate to artistic creation, curating, writing and visual culture. Since 2006, as an artist, he has participated in Cloud Theatre — Shanghai…

Humberto Duque

*1978, Mexico, lives and works in Mexico City
Residency period: April until June 2014

In his line of research he incorporates elements of fiction that navigate through language, music, architecture, and even baseball. Although simple in essence, this engagement develops into pieces of a larger puzzle, inviting the audience to be immersed in bewildering…

Daria Makarenko

*1988, Murmansk, Russia, lives and works in St. Petersburg
Residency period: October until December 2014

Received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Saint Petersburg State University of Russia (2009). She holds her MFA degree from Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012). Being exhibited world-wide

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