Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Luna Paese

*1987, Cosenza, Italy, lives and works in Paris 
Residency period: October until December 2014
Dancer, choreographer 

Luna Paese creates since 2009 her own work: Wonderland -2009- selected for the Biennale Danza Venezia, Polmone 1 -2011-, Imaginary Anatomy -2014-. She works to other performances for exhibitions and short residencies and to the project…

exhibition, Smoking up ambition

From 27th of August until 7th of September 2014, 10am to 7pm
Opening the 26th of August, at 5pm
Embassy of Foreign Artists

Si l’on est ambitieux, fume-t-on jusqu’à son ambition ? Ou est-ce l’ambition qui nous consume alors que la passion nous brûle ? L’ambition, à la fois puissant moteur et agent destructeur, ne peut exister que dans une relation de dépendanc…

theatre, Can we be revolutionary and like flowers?

Wednesday 3rd of September 2014, at 8.30pm
Embassy of Foreign Artists

Un essai théâtral dansé à ciel ouvert autour de la communauté utopique Verità par Dorothée Thébert et Filippo Filliger

Peut-on être révolutionnaire et aimer les fleurs ? Assurément, dans la communauté utopique de Monte Verità qui, à rebours des affres de la révolution industrielle, préconisai…

exhibition, EUR(h)OPE

From the 27th of June until the 5th of July 2014
Embassy of Foreign Artists

Three Spanish artists and four Swiss artists meet during an under construction exhibition.

Comment vivre avec TINA (there is no alternative) ? Ou autrement dit, comment vivre dans une Europe où une grande partie de la classe politique sacrifie la souveraineté démocratique pour l’hégém…

residents presentation, Humberto Duque & Taran Khan

Tuesday 4th of March 2014
Embassy of Foreign Artists

6.30pm opening of the bar
7pm Humberto Duque presentation
9pm Taran Khan presentation
The event will be followed by a BBQ, projections of Bollywood and Afghans video clips + music.

Humberto Duque (*1978, mexico city)
In his line of research he incorporates elements of fiction that navigate through

Michela Alessandrini

*1987, Tivoli, Italy, lives and works in Brusells
Residency period: January until June 2014

She obtained a MA in Contemporary Art History at Sapienza University in Rome and participated to Session 22 of the Ecole du Magasin, International Curatorial Training Program in Grenoble. She has been curator in residence at Labor Guest Space in Budapest

Adaline Anobile

*1981, Geneva, Switzerland, lives and works in Brussels
Residency period: January until March 2014
Artist, performer

Originally from Geneva, Adaline has been living in Brussels for some time. After completing her Master in Textile Design at ENSAV La Cambre, Adaline studied dance and choreography at the School of New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Today…

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