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Branko Milisković

*1982, Belgrad, Serbia, lives and works in Serbia, in Germany and in France
Residency period: April until June 2016

“Branko Milisković is, as an artist and as a person, the perfect embodiment of the androgynous. In a broad range of performances he plays with ambiguity: stereotypical and purposely artificial characters versus his own very personal, sensual and vulnerable self; and the feminine elegance of stylised movements and delicate gestures versus static masculine poses and military discipline. In his performances the serious and nostalgic undertones, as a remembrance of his troubled youth, always have a disturbing, melancholic and reflective effect, even when counterbalanced by hints of frivolous cabaret.”
Edwin Becker, Head of Exhibitions at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Branko Milisković was born in Former Yugoslavia and he was the last generation of Marshall Tito’s Pioneers. In 1989 Yugoslavia broke up and he has started his primary school passing through the period of isolation, embargo, inflation and devastation of his country. After having completed the secondary school for Architecture, Milisković studied Polytechnic High School (Industrial Design) and Faculty of Fine Arts, class of Mrđan Bajić, department of Sculpture in Belgrade/Serbia. In 2007 he has received the Dutch scholarship HSP Huygens and continued his Bachelor at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague / The Netherlands and obtained his degree in 2009. Milisković has earned his Master degree from Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg, class of Jeanne Faust (2012). His work have been shown internationally such as at Reims Scenes d’Europe, La Comedie de Reims 2015, Galerie Metropolis, Paris 2014, CSW/CoCA, Torun 2012, G12 HUB, Belgrade 2014/15, including solo productions at Kampnagel, Hamburg 2014, Les Halles, Brussels 2011-2014, Zeitraumexit, Mannheim 2013, Biennial of young art, Moscow, 2010, 29th Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht 2009 etc. Branko Milisković was also performing and exhibiting in Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Serbia, Israel, Russia, Poland, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Indonesia, USA and UK.

While in Geneva, Branko Milisković will continue working on a personal story considering himself as an Intruder, an element / system that hardly fits to any social schema or puzzle. Interested in non-linear and non-narrative storytelling, which is dominated by various symbols and connotations as well as complex associations, Milisković will continue researching and developing his durational concept started in 2011, methodically and systematically working on a new characters in his own fashion, passing through a very new situations, problematising and justifying his presence and his mission.


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