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Mathieu Léger

*1975, Moncton, Canada, lives and works in Moncton
Residency period: October until December 2015

“Curiosity. My job is to be curious. I investigate everything. I play. I read. I construct. I interrelate science, art, and everything in between. I explore notions of causality, emptiness, cynicism-belonging, pathology, identity, memory and artifice by investigating areas such as science-medicine, economics, architecture-design, semiotics, and anthropological territories.”

Mathieu Léger hails from the Maritime region of Eastern Canada. Serial artist-in-residence, Léger has participated in 50 artist’s residencies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Literature and Fine Art – Université de Moncton, 01998). His work reflects on ideas surrounding wilderness, geological time, and process related activities of the natural world. Scouring time, place, and space, his projects are delivered through performance, textworks, photography, and video-audio installations. He is currently developing a 5 year performance project that investigates the physicality of spatial awareness and cartographic conventions. He shares his time between “far away places” and Moncton, Canada.

The artist would like to thank the following organizations for their support:
artsnb • Fondation Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation • Conseil des arts du Canada / Canada Council for the Arts


Mathieu Léger, Methodologies for Tourists
Actions of Silence / Visibility of Comprehension and the Provenance of Dusk
Performance (47º 51′ 18.342″ N / 57º 38′ 59.616″ W @ 489m)

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