Embassy of Foreign Artists     



*1992 in Freiburg (Germany)

Period of residency: July to September 2023

Trained as an architect, I work on territories in transition through questions of participation, collective practices and narratives. At the crossroads of architecture and social design, I see my projects as an opportunity to create social change and question the futures that lie ahead. My work is an open door to new collective utopias.

My practice aims to help territories and forms of human organisation evolve in the face of the ecological and societal challenges of our time. I’m particularly interested in issues of spatial planning, changing lifestyles and desirable narratives in the face of the Anthropocene. Navigating between the fields of architecture, design and teaching, I also take part in various teaching projects with INSA Strasbourg, the Nancy School of Architecture and the INSITULAB public service design DSAA in Illkirch.


Project: Research and investigation into facilities in the public space. 

My aim is to examine the role of public space as a vehicle for participation and collective governance. The city of Geneva, and in particular the PAV district, seem to me to be a suitable field of investigation, a district that is undergoing rapid change and whose construction raises questions about our relationship with the city and the dynamics of its construction.

While the question of collective governance is central to my work, I would like to take this opportunity to question the link that exists and will certainly arise from the advent of the Anthropocene on the mechanisms for managing the urban environment. Assuming that the changes in our city-world will mirror those in our world, our urban setting can no longer be considered fixed, to use B. Latour’s metaphor. Inhabitants could then have a role to play in this stage set, and for this the public space and its installations will have their part to play.

To do this, I intend to begin with an initial phase of investigation to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of participatory planning in Switzerland and the role that public space and its facilities play in these mechanisms.

In a second phase, I intend to compare my thoughts with various professionals and passers-by in order to refine my understanding and gain perspective.
The final aim of the project will be to create a series of in-situ installations that will be tested in the public space with residents and passers-by, thus exposing different possible scenarios and reflections that have emerged in the course of this project.