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Joshua Sofaer

*1972, Cambridge, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: November 2012

The audience is an important element of Joshua Sofaer’s performance: the participatory aspect contributes to the final result. The British artist analyses and plays with words related to the art world. Often a parody, his work uses mechanisms of talk shows as much as strategies of competition on the labour market or conventions of museography. Everything is toned with his ruthless sense of humor. Joshua Sofaer also teaches since numerous years, organizes exhibitions and regularly publishes texts. During his residency at the Maison Baron, Joshua Sofaer will create a new performance entitled Art Ambasador where he will develop the figure of an art ambassador. The artist will interrogate the role of his character. He will ask questions of mediation between different cultures and languages or in the artistic context between work and audience.


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