Embassy of Foreign Artists     
performances festival, .perf 2012

Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd of October 2012
Piano Nobile & Embassy of Foreign Artists
Performances festival .perf

Curatrices : Madeleine Amsler, Marie-Eve Knoerle

Vendredi 2 octobre
19h Maison Baron (MB)…

Sandro Steudler

*1971, lives and works in Zurich and in Graubünden
Residency period: June until September 2012
Artist, performer

Sandro Steudler’s work combines installation, performance and theoretical research around his project der Bau (www.der-bau.ch) initiated in 2003.
During his residency at the Maison Baron, Sandro Steudler has pursued his theoretical research…

Charlotte Seidel

*1981, Hamburg, Germany, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: September until December 2012

«Charlotte Seidel creates small and discreet interventions, sometimes visible, in public and domestic spaces. Placing small plastic soldiers on the edge of a drain, hanging clothes of a ghost resident out to dry in an Italian village, embroidering …

Joshua Sofaer

*1972, Cambridge, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: November 2012

The audience is an important element of Joshua Sofaer’s performance: the participatory aspect contributes to the final result. The British artist analyses and plays with words related to the art world. Often a parody, his work uses mechanisms of talk shows as …

Emil Ouroumov

*1979, Bulgaria, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: September 2012 until February 2013

Emil Ouroumov studied art and museology at the University Paris 8 and also holds a master degree in exhibition organization delivered by the University Paris 1. He has collaborated with different curators such as Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery),…

Merel van Tilburg

*1977, Holland, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period: November 2012 until March 2013

Art Critic Merel van Tilburg wrote her doctorate thesis at the University of Geneva before going back to her native country. The idea she wishes to develop during her residency is to immerse in the contemporary art world of Geneva by interviewing artists that…

Authentic Boys

Boris Van Hoof, *1978, Eindhoven, Holland, lives and works in Rotterdam
Aaike Stuart, *1982, Bergen op Zoom, Holland, lives and works in Berlin
in collaboration with genevan artist Gregory Stauffer
Residency period: August 2012
Performers, directors

Authentic Boys est un collectif composé de deux performeurs et deux réalisateurs, qui travaillent…

Yaser Al Suhaili and Abdallah Shmelawi

Yaser Al Suhaili, *1975, Bagdad, Iraq, lives and works in Malmö
Abdallah Shmelawi, *1982, Bagdad, Iraq, lives and works in Vienna
Residency period: July 2012

Yaser Al Suhaili and Abdallah Shmelawi are two accomplished performers from Iraq, their work is inspired by the conflict that forced them to leave their country. Between humor, gravity, …

press release of State of geneva and of the associations Laps & Piano Nobile

Friday 21st of September 2012, since 6pm
Piano Nobile & Embassy of Foreign Artists

Inauguration de Embassy of Foreign Artists

M. Charles Beer, conseiller d’Etat chargé du département de l’instruction publique, de la culture et du sport (DIP) et les associations Laps et Piano Nobile inaugurent deux nouveaux lieux culturels au cœur du…

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