Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Open Studio – Hetal Chudasama / Albert lbokwe Khoza

Open Studio
Embassy of Foreign Artists (EoFA)
22 June 2017

Hetal Chudasama: Reason Not-Knot

FR – «Reason Not-Knot» est une intervention performative d’Hetal Chudasama qui prendra place dans une installation élaborée in situ lors de ses 3 mois de résidence à EoFA. Chudasama est une artiste née en Inde, elle vit et travaille actuellement…

The Best of Bees | Exhibition & Evening Program

The Best Of Bees
Exhibition & Evening Program
23-25 June 2017

Rue des Amis 9, 1201 Genève (Les Grottes)

Curated by Semâ Bekirovic currently in residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists

INFOS – www.thebestofbees.tumblr.com

FR – Le programme de l’exposition…

Sasha Kurmaz & Sugar-Free///Pungwe

IN – Sasha Kurmaz (installation)
16.06 – 18:00 -> 00:00
17.06 – 10:00 -> 00:00
18.06 – 18:00 -> 22:00
OUT – Sugar-Free///Pungwe (performance)
17.06 – 16:00 & 18:00 (20min)
INFOS – www.bigbiennale.ch

Albert Khoza

*1988 in Johannesburg, lives and works in Johannesburg
Residency period : May to June 2017
Actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and performance artist

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johanessburg

Albert Ibokwe Khoza’s works continuously reveal and project a state of mind of a loner individual who is a gay man and a Sangoma (*). Through his sexuality and…

Semâ Bekirovic

*1977 in Amsterdam, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period : April to June 2017

In collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund

To what extent does an artwork create itself? And how much of the final product is a result of the artists’ guiding hand? I sometimes get the impression that most of my works seem to make themselves. It’s as if they have all these

Dimitri Madimin

*1975 in Rotterdam, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period : April to June 2017
Artist, musician/dj

In collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund

Dimitri Madimin aka Dim Browski trained at the renowned Rietveld Academy and hailed by Time Out Magazine one of the 50 movers and shakers of the Dutch art & music scene, his work spans from film to music, classical…

Hetal Chudasama
*1984, Junagadh, India, lives and works in Sevenoaks, England
Residency period: April to June 2017
Artist, performer

I build sites of inquiry that interrogates fragility of time, the rigidity of space and lucidity of memory, the nature of presence within the present. My projects are typically multi-media. As I evolve a project that may involve more than …

Rizki Resa Utama
*1982 in Bandung in Indonesia, lives and works Berlin
Residency period: October to December 2017

Rizki Resa Utama, is a time-based media artist working mostly with moving images, installation, photography, and performance. His artistic researches are focused on the social norms, that are constructed through Inclusions and Exclusions composed

Selket Chlupka
*1981 in Germersheim, Germany, lives and works in Berlin
Residency period: October to December 2017
At its core the work is a reflection about itself. There is a necessity to communicate
visually. The form of the work arises from this necessity in the moment of reflection.
It is an image based reflection by means of photography. The images are immediate
Sébastien Branche
*1980 in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, lives and works in Leipzig
Residency period: October to December 2017
Musician, saxophonist

Sébastien plays soprano, tenor and C-melody saxophones. He got started with improvisation through workshops with musicians coming from contemporary jazz or improvised music.

Interested in perceptive phenomenons, he

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