Embassy of Foreign Artists     

The EoFA hosts public events throughout the year, ranging from presentations by resident artists to Garden Parties; popular musical events that either incorporate collaborative projects by artists or provide them with a carte blanche venue. As managers of the EoFA, Laps Association regularly lends space to likeminded projects.

Onirisme Part.1 | 5 ans! de Embassy of Foreign Artists
Onirisme Part.1 avec Samsonite Orchestra, johnny haway, Chymere 
Raag Malkos, M. & Mme Hoffmann, Godzillab
Maison Baron, rue Subilia 45, 1227 Carouge
Vendredi 14 juillet 2017 – dès 18:00
Alors qu’une chaleur torride inonde la ville, venez prendre l’air dans le magnifique jardin de la Maison Baron et célébrer les cinq ans du projet Embassy 
The Best of Bees | Exhibition & Evening Program

The Best Of Bees
Exhibition & Evening Program
23-25 June 2017

Rue des Amis 9, 1201 Genève (Les Grottes)

Curated by Semâ Bekirovic currently in residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists

INFOS – www.thebestofbees.tumblr.c

Sasha Kurmaz & Sugar-Free///Pungwe

IN – Sasha Kurmaz (installation)
16.06 – 18:00 -> 00:00
17.06 – 10:00 -> 00:00
18.06 – 18:00 -> 22:00

Sugar free
Welcome @17h00
Performances @18h00
Curfew @21h00
After party @00h00 Motel Campo
Trade space / Bar / Food / Music / Garden / Family friendly
Sugar Free #1…
up dn
Parnian Ferdossi | nunu kong | Oliver Musovic
Wednesday 28.9.2016
18:00 performance @ Embassy of Foreign Artists, Rue du Subilia 45, Carouge
18:30 exhibition @ Ressources Urbaines, Route des Acacias 76, Genève 


Brings together the work of three artists in an attempt to challenge bodily limitations which confine vision and, accordingly,

​Shaping in Between


Friday 24th June, 2016  18:00 – 20:00

Coopérative Ressources Urbaines

Route des acacias, 76

1227 Carouge

50 m from Maison Baron (Ex Piano Nobile) 

Presentation of the artist and vidéo program fron various artists related to invasives species. Drinks and snacks will be available during the event. Talk and videos will be in english.




wednesday 22th june 20h30

studio ADC, Théâtre du Grütli, 2nd floor.

Rue Du Général Dufour, 16

The performance / live installation, will be in english. The duration will be of 2 hours, but you have the possibility to enter or to leave during it, exept for the last 30 minutes. 



 1. to name or assign to a position, an office, responsibility

The Art of Pishing


Saturday 5 March 2016

14h Théâtre de l’usine (first part Buzz Riot, Rudy van der Merwe)

15h15  Walk from Théâtre de l’Usine to Maison Baron

16h00 Maison Baron (second part The art of pishing,Simon Ripoll-Hurier)


First section of the trilogy Diana, from artist in residence Simon Ripoll-Hurier.

In collaboration

Letters from Pocket Embassy VI
Thursday 18 february 2016 at 18h30
Embassy of Foreign Artists
experimental video art screening
Geneva Edition

Pocket Embassy is Screening program that already organized events in cities like New York, Budapest and Caracas. 
This edition will show you a wide range of contemporary German videos. Join us for an evening of great films, drinks and discussions. …