Embassy of Foreign Artists     
Yaser Al Suhaili & Abdallah Shmelawi

Yaser Al Suhaili, *1975, Bagdad, Iraq, lives and works in Malmö
Abdallah Shmelawi, *1982, Bagdad, Iraq, lives and works in Vienna
Residency period: July 2012

Yaser Al Suhaili and Abdallah Shmelawi are two accomplished performers from Iraq, their work is inspired by the conflict that forced them to leave their country. Between humor, gravity,…


Milica Milićević, *1979, Serbia, lives and works in Belgrad
Milan Bosnic, *1969, Serbia, lives and works in Belgrad
Residency period: January until March 2015

Both MA’s of Departments of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade. Although in diverse individual artistic ventures in group and solo exhibitions, we have…

Michela Alessandrini

*1987, Tivoli, Italy, lives and works in Brusells
Residency period: January until June 2014

She obtained a MA in Contemporary Art History at Sapienza University in Rome and participated to Session 22 of the Ecole du Magasin, International Curatorial Training Program in Grenoble. She has been curator in residence at Labor Guest Space in

Valéria Alonso

*1979, lives and works in Buenos Aires
Residency period: April until June 2013
Comedian, dancer, choreographer, author, video artist

Originally from Argentina, Valeria Alonso has lived between France and Spain for over 10 years. Since 2000, she directs the art company La Cabra and also works as a performer for other art companies such as la Guarda, La Fura …

Adaline Anobile

*1981, Geneva, Switzerland, lives and works in Brussels
Residency period: January until March 2014
Artist, performer

Originally from Geneva, Adaline has been living in Brussels for some time. After completing her Master in Textile Design at ENSAV La Cambre, Adaline studied dance and choreography at the School of New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Today…

Tsuyoshi Anzai

*1987, Tokyo, lives and works in Saitama, Japan
Residency period: July to September 2016

Tsuyoshi Anzai specializes in Kinetic art and video. He creates simple-structured machines by making impromptu combinations of everyday items, exploring the relationships between humans and objects. He received his master of film and new media degree…

Luis Arnaldo

*1985, Campinas, Brazil, lives and works in Belo Horizonte
Residency period: April until June 2016

I perceive Art as a discursive platform, in which it’s possible to produce a critical reading about the world. This form of critique is grounded in strategies of acting, historically created by the specific discipline of Art. These strategies are…

Semâ Bekirovic

*1977 in Amsterdam, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period : April to June 2017

In collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund

To what extent does an artwork create itself? And how much of the final product is a result of the artists’ guiding hand? I sometimes get the impression that most of my works seem to make themselves. It’s as if they have all

Authentic Boys

Boris Van Hoof, *1978, Eindhoven, Holland, lives and works in Rotterdam
Aaike Stuart, *1982, Bergen op Zoom, Holland, lives and works in Berlin
in collaboration with genevan artist Gregory Stauffer
Residency period: August 2012
Performers, directors

Authentic Boys est un collectif composé de deux performeurs et deux réalisateurs, qui…

Sébastien Branche
*1980 in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, lives and works in Leipzig
Residency period: October to December 2017
Musician, saxophonist

Sébastien plays soprano, tenor and C-melody saxophones. He got started with improvisation through workshops with musicians coming from contemporary jazz or improvised music.

Interested in perceptive phenomenons,

Amanda Burnham

*1979, Ohio, USA, lives and works in Baltimore
Residency period: April until June 2015

Makes drawings and drawing installations based on her explorations of and encounters with the city. Often working on site, outside or in her car, she reads the landscape for found fragments of language and records the poetics of vacant lots, moveable type signs, billboards,

Selket Chlupka
*1981 in Germersheim, Germany, lives and works in Berlin
Residency period: October to December 2017
At its core the work is a reflection about itself. There is a necessity to communicate
visually. The form of the work arises from this necessity in the moment of reflection.
It is an image based reflection by means of photography. The images are immediate
Hetal Chudasama
*1984, Junagadh, India, lives and works in Sevenoaks, England
Residency period: April to June 2017
Artist, performer

I build sites of inquiry that interrogates fragility of time, the rigidity of space and lucidity of memory, the nature of presence within the present. My projects are typically multi-media. As I evolve a project that may involve more than…

Paul Clouvel

1971, Saint-Etienne, France, lives and works in Strasbourg and Geneva
Residency period: April until July 2013

As an electroacoustic composer, Paul Clouvel expresses his work in contemporary electronic music as well as in sound installations, video-musical and choreographic creations. In his pieces “Paul Clouvel exposes his facetious approach…

Gil Delindro

*1989 in Porto, lives and works in Berlin
Residency period : January to March 2018
Multidisciplinary artist

Gil Delindro is a unique presence among a new generation of Sound and Media Arts. He has distinguished himself by the research on organic elements, ephemeral events and intangible processes in Nature. His cross-border practice is based upon film, installation,…

Beth Dillon

*1987 in Sydney, lives and works between Australia and Switzerland
Residency period : January to March 2018
Performer, video and mixed media artist

Beth makes works of costumed performance, text-based experimentation, video and mixed media installation that explore negotiations of site, self and culture. In her solo and collaborative work, Beth plays…

Humberto Duque

*1978, Mexico, lives and works in Mexico City
Residency period: April until June 2014

In his line of research he incorporates elements of fiction that navigate through language, music, architecture, and even baseball. Although simple in essence, this engagement develops into pieces of a larger puzzle, inviting the audience to be immersed in bewildering…

Aaron Fabian

Residency period: October until December 2013
Graphic designer

I intend to produce the sixth issue of Zug Magazine with the topic of “Invisible”. This issue will assemble works that are both sharp and fragile as the edges of a broken glass. It will focus on the medium of drawing and snapshot photographic works where perception and conception are at their…

Parnian Ferdossi

*1986, Iran, lives and works in Tehran and London
Residency period: July until September 2016
Artist, researcher

She graduated from the University of Tehran and completed  a Master’s in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, UoL. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Arts and Humanities at Birkbeck, UoL. Her work has been exhibited in Tehran,…

Fucking Good Art

Rob Hamelijnck, lives and works in Rotterdam
Nienke Terpsma, lives and works in Rotterdam
Residency period: 2013

Fucking Good Art is a travelling artist’s magazine or editorial project for research in-and-through art, since 2003. The artists and editors are interested in: oral history, ethnography, documentary film, investigative art and

Reza Haeri

*1974 in Tehran, lives and works Tehran
Residency period: April to June 2018
Filmmaker and curator

Reza Haeri has recently produce : Final Fitting (2008, Grand Prize from Cinema Verité Festival), All Restrictions End (2009, Grand Prize from Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, Berlinale 2010) and Sons of Sindbad (2017). In 2015 he curated Metaphor and Politics:

Chen Hangfeng

*1974, Shanghai, lives and works in Shanghai, China
Residency period: April until June 2016

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Shanghai

Trained as a painter, Chen obtained his BA from the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University. He works in all media, his works deal with issues of surrounding commercialization, environmentalism, globalization…

Louis Henderson

*1983, Norwich, England, lives and works in Paris 
Residency period: July until September 2015 

Is an English filmmaker whose films and writings investigate the networked links between colonialism, technology, capitalism and history. Graduate of London College of Communication and Le Fresnoy – studio national des arts contemporains,…

Séverine Hubard

*1977, Lille, France, lives and works in Buenos Aires
Residency period: January until March 2014

Assemblage, collage, et déplacement, la gestuelle artistique de Séverine Hubard trouve son origine dans l’acte de construire. En lien continu avec le contexte dans lequel elle intervient, l’artiste concrétise souvent ses interventions …

Karen Keyhani

*1979, Tehran, Iran, lives and works in Tehran
Residency period: October until December 2013

Is a santur composer and virtuoso. In his works he explores the possible connections between western and persian traditions. He has graduated from the prestigious University of Arts in Teheran where he now teaches as a professor in the composition department.…

Lebohang Kganye

*1990 in Johannesburg (South Africa), lives and works in Johannesburg
Residency period : April to June 2018
Visual artist, photographer

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

Lebohang Kganye received her introduction to photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2009 and completed the Advanced Photography Programme in 2011. She also completed…

Taran Khan

*1978, Mumbai, India, lives and works in Mumbai
Residency period: April until June 2014
Journalist, writer

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia New Delhi

Taran Khan is a journalist and writer who has been traveling to Kabul since 2006, where she has worked closely with Afghan media producers and filmmakers. Her essays explore the life of the city beyond the events…

Albert Khoza

*1988 in Johannesburg, lives and works in Johannesburg
Residency period : May to June 2017
Actor, singer, dancer, choreographer and performance artist

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johanessburg

Albert Ibokwe Khoza’s works continuously reveal and project a state of mind of a loner individual who is a gay man and a Sangoma (*). Through his sexuality…

Dina Khuseyn

*1981 in Moscow, lives and works in Bordeaux
Residency period : January to March 2018
Choreographer, performer and curator

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Moscow

Dina Khuseyn is a choreographer, performer and curator of the SOTA project and Performative Practice Place in Moscow. She was born and grew up in Moscow where she received her first dance education…

Mandy Krebs

*1987, Magdeburg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin
Residency period: January until March 2016

Site-specific working is the initial point of her artistic practice. Often she concentrates on places that serve a purely functional reason or had become part of our individual lifestyle. Mandy stages situations that have or could taken place on site…

Sasha Kurmaz
*1986 in Kiev, Ukrain, lives and works in Kiev
Residency period : January to June 2017
Artist, performer

He studied at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kiev and completed his bachelor in Design in 2008.

I began my artistic practice as a graffiti artist. When I gradually left the subcultural medium behind but kept public space as main domain

Sanja  Latinovic

1983, Serbia, lives and works in Belgrad
Residency period: April until July 2013
Artist, performer

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture. She is interested in performance, photography and video work. Since she is a sculpturer by vocation, she frequently questions the monumental character of the sculptural in her work.…

Mathieu Léger

*1975, Moncton, Canada, lives and works in Moncton
Residency period: October until December 2015

“Curiosity. My job is to be curious. I investigate everything. I play. I read. I construct. I interrelate science, art, and everything in between. I explore notions of causality, emptiness, cynicism-belonging, pathology, identity, memory and

Ban Lei

*1990 in in Shanghai, lives and works in Shanghai
Residency period : July to September 2018
Sound and game artist

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Shanghai

Ban Lei was born in 1990 in Shanghai, China. He was also best-known for his stage name ‘BANBANBANBAN’ as a computer sound producer, game artist and future arts enthusiast.

His work followed self-operation

Dimitri Madimin

*1975 in Rotterdam, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period : April to June 2017
Artist, musician/dj

In collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund

Dimitri Madimin aka Dim Browski trained at the renowned Rietveld Academy and hailed by Time Out Magazine one of the 50 movers and shakers of the Dutch art & music scene, his work spans from film to music, classical…

Daria Makarenko

*1988, Murmansk, Russia, lives and works in St. Petersburg
Residency period: October until December 2014

Received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Saint Petersburg State University of Russia (2009). She holds her MFA degree from Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden, 2012). Being exhibited world-wide

Zen Marie

*1980 in Durban, currently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa
Residency period : Mai to June 2017
Artist and performer

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johanessburg

Zen Maris is an artist who works in a variety of media. Core to his practice is a concern with how meaning is formed through different media, spaces and processes. While working from…

Georgina Maxim

*1980 in Harare (Zimbabwe), currently lives and works in Bonn (Germany)
Residency period : April to June 2017
Visual artist and arts manager

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johanessburg

Georgina Maxim is a mixed media found object artist and arts manager. For many years she was an important part of the administration of Gallery Delta, while at the same time…

Hazel Meyer

*1979, Ottawa, Canada, lives and works in Toronto
Residency period: October until December 2014

From the monumental to the modest Hazel Meyer’s projects range from large installations, to small woven tags meant for an audience of one. She explores seemingly disparate yet overlapping preoccupations — intestines and athletics, feminism and …

Branko Milisković

*1982, Belgrad, Serbia, lives and works in Serbia, in Germany and in France
Residency period: April until June 2016

“Branko Milisković is, as an artist and as a person, the perfect embodiment of the androgynous. In a broad range of performances he plays with ambiguity: stereotypical and purposely artificial characters versus his own very personal,…

Alex Morrison

*1971, Redruth, England, lives and works in Vancouver and in Brussels
Residency period: April until June 2014

How long did you stay?
I stayed for 3 months.
What was the benefit of your residence?
The residency was extremely beneficial to my work and career as an artist. I met many new colleagues and had the time and funding to create a new body of work. The…

Oliver Musovik

*1971, Skopje, Macedonia, lives and works in Skopje
Residency period: July to September 2016

Oliver Musovik is conceptual visual artist from Skopje, Macedonia.
Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1997, MFA in 2004.

He had participated at numerous international exhibitions, among others AFTERMATH – Changing Cultural Landscape,

Emile Ouroumov

*1979, Bulgaria, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: September 2012 until February 2013

Emil Ouroumov studied art and museology at the University Paris 8 and also holds a master degree in exhibition organization delivered by the University Paris 1. He has collaborated with different curators such as Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery),…

Luna Paese

*1987, Cosenza, Italy, lives and works in Paris 
Residency period: October until December 2014
Dancer, choreographer 

Luna Paese creates since 2009 her own work: Wonderland -2009- selected for the Biennale Danza Venezia, Polmone 1 -2011-, Imaginary Anatomy -2014-. She works to other performances for exhibitions and short residencies and …

Francesco Pedraglio

*1981, Como, Italy, lives and works in London
Residency period: April until June 2015
Video artist

I usually start by writing a short story. A curious detail, an overheard rumour, a banal incident, any truly unique or modest event might spark some telling. Then I re-adapt the text as a monologue or a dialogue for live performances. I tend to perform it myself,…

Picnick is an artists collective funded in 2012 in Chypre, it’s members lives and works in Chypre.
it is composed of :
Alkis Hadjiandreou, *1977, Chypre
Panayiotis Michael, *1966, Chypre
Maria Petrides, *1973 en Angleterre
Residency period: July to September 2017
Artists, curators

The group sets up artworks/projects by bringing together

Raluca Popa
*1979 in Faragas, Romania, lives and works in Bucharest
Residency period : January to June 2017
Artist, illustrator

She studied at Byam Shaw School of Art / Central Saint Martins (London) and The University of Art and Design (Cluj). 

Since 2009 she has been involved also in animation films, as a background artist. Thus, at the moment she positions herself…

Phillip Reeves

*1985 , Surrey, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: July until September 2014

‘Through painting, I depict fictional and occasionally fantastical scenes that initially explore the blurred sense of time and place within memories. Dreamlike interiors and landscapes incorporate familiar elements of life that both stylistically…

Simon Ripoll-Hurier

*1985, Rouen, France, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: January until March 2016
Visual artist, musician

Son travail a été montré dans de nombreuses institutions (Le Magasin, Palais de Tokyo, Fondation des Galeries Lafayette, Centre Pompidou-Metz, MAC VAL…), diffusé à la radio (France Culture, WGXC…), intégré dans des collections…

Rosalie Schweiker – Maria Guggenbichler

Rosalie Schweiker, *1985, Heilbronn, Germany, lives and works in London
Maria Guggenbichler, *1985, Munich, Germany, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period: October until December 2015

Artists Rosalie Schweiker and Maria Guggenbichler have been collaborating since 2005 in the genre of humorous conceptual art. Throughout…

Marko Schiefelbein

*1984, Stralsund, Germany, lives and works in Berlin
Residency period: October to December 2016

He studied Art History and graduated in Fine Arts in 2011 at the Braunschweig University of Arts. In 2012 he was awarded the Master Student Degree during his postgraduate studies. In his videos and video-installations, he analyzes the images and language…

Kerstin Schroedinger

*1978, Trier, Germany, lives and works in Zurich
Residency period: October until December 2016
Artist and musician

She works with video, sound and text, engaging with the politics of the moving image and with the examination of inherited ideologies of media. Her practice is research-led on elements of the moving image, where the image itself…

Michaela Schwentner

*1978, Linz, Austria, lives and works in Vienna
Residency period: April until June 2016

My most recent artistic practice consists of reenactments, performative interventions in public space and performances and tableaux vivants for film and stage settings. In my works I examine and usecinematic and theatrical elements. The act of staging…

Charlotte Seidel

*1981, Hamburg, Germany, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: September until December 2012

«Charlotte Seidel creates small and discreet interventions, sometimes visible, in public and domestic spaces. Placing small plastic soldiers on the edge of a drain, hanging clothes of a ghost resident out to dry in an Italian village, embroidering…

Ish Shehrawat

*1978, India, lives and works in New Delhi
Residency period: July until september 2015
Sound artist

Ish S is a composer, sound artist and a musician from New Delhi/ India. His primary field of interests are ‘Sound Art and Installation’ along with ‘electro-acoustic music’ and he has been presenting some of his works as Sound Installations.  He

Joshua Sofaer

*1972, Cambridge, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: November 2012

The audience is an important element of Joshua Sofaer’s performance: the participatory aspect contributes to the final result. The British artist analyses and plays with words related to the art world. Often a parody, his work uses mechanisms of talk shows …

Nihan Somay

*1988 in Istanbul, lives and works in Istanbul
Residency period : April to June 2018

Nihan Somay works with objects, printed matter, acts and text incorporated in temporary settings, which are often produced as a result of collective efforts. Conversing, eating, walking, reading together are essential while building up the research themes (in life…

Sandro Steudler

*1971, lives and works in Zurich and in Graubünden
Residency period: June until September 2012
Artist, performer

Sandro Steudler’s work combines installation, performance and theoretical research around his project der Bau (www.der-bau.ch) initiated in 2003.
During his residency at the Maison Baron, Sandro Steudler has pursued his theoretical …

Youssef Tabti

*1968, Paris, France, lives and works in Hamburg
Residency period: April until June 2015

Youssef Tabti addresses and investigates current and historical social and political questions, often conflating issues of the cultures that have formed his aesthetics and his view of our world in his work. Born in Paris as the son of a French mother and an Algerian…

Jason Thorpe Buchanan

*1986 in San Mateo, California, lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Residency period: January to June 2018
Composer, conductor, educator, and video artist

Jason Thorpe Buchanan’s work explores temporal dissonance, memory, and perception through the structural intersection of physical gesture, fragile sounds, and behavior of live audio/video…

Liu Tian

*1984, China, lives and works in Hangzhou
Residency period: October until December 2014
Artist and curator

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Shanghai

Liu Tian is a Chinese artist and curator, he researches into topics relate to artistic creation, curating, writing and visual culture. Since 2006, as an artist, he has participated in Cloud Theatre…

Fana Tshabalala

*1987 in Sebokeng, lives and works in Johannesburg

Residency period : September to October 2017

Choreographer, dancer and teacher

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Johanessburg

During his residency, Fana Tshabalala will develop a new work from his longer-term investigation into a kind of “ideal man” within different societies, their changing…

Urara Tsuchiya

*1979, Japan, lives and works in Glasgow
Residency period : July until September 2014
Artist, costume designer

My practice explores the disconcertion that can be found between the personal and social worlds. My work includes creating performances, videos, and live events. I often incorporates soft sculptures, costumes, masks, and home cooking. These …

Theo Turpin

*1986, East Sussex, England, lives and works in London
Residency period: July until September 2015

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts he has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, developing a varied artistic practice which encompasses the mediums of sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and performance.…

Rizki Resa Utama
*1982 in Bandung in Indonesia, lives and works Berlin
Residency period: October to December 2017

Rizki Resa Utama, is a time-based media artist working mostly with moving images, installation, photography, and performance. His artistic researches are focused on the social norms, that are constructed through Inclusions and Exclusions composed

Merel van Tilburg

*1977, Holland, lives and works in Amsterdam
Residency period: November 2012 until March 2013

Art Critic Merel van Tilburg wrote her doctorate thesis at the University of Geneva before going back to her native country. The idea she wishes to develop during her residency is to immerse in the contemporary art world of Geneva by interviewing artists that…

Valentina Vetturi

*1979, Reggio Calabria, Italia, lives and works between Bruxelles and Bari
Residency period: January until March 2016
Artist, performer

Valentina Vetturi’s art interweaves writing performance and memory. Her works are the result of long processes involving fragments of apparently diverse forms of reality. The countless invisible characters…

Larry Walker-Tonks

*1992 in Hartlepool, lives and works in Manchester
Residency period: December 2017
Fine artist

In partnership with Salford University, Islington Mill and Castlefield Gallery

Larry Walker-Tonks was born in Hartlepool, England. He developed an interest in art at a young age and graduated from Teesside University in 2013 with a Degree in Fine Art. Shortly …

Victoria Wigzell
*1990 in Johannesburg, South Africa, lives and works in Johannesburg
Residency period: January to March 2017


As an artist Ms Wigzell considers herself to be in the business of making gestures – whether this involves her own body in direct action, conceptual exercise, or the making of sculptural objects and short films. Her work is concerned…

Wu Yandan

*1982, WuXi, lives and works in Shanghai
Residency period: July until September 2016
Choregrapher, Dancer

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia Shanghai

Wu Yandan (artistic name nunu kong) is an independent choreographer, performance artist and producer who graduated from a unique 4-year program (the only comprehensive contemporary dance program

Joo-hee Yang

*1982, South Korea, lives and works in Marseille and in Seoul
Residency period: January until March 2014

En effet il m’apparait comme fondamental que le processus de création s’apparente à une sorte de pendule, dont les oscillations entre certitudes intimes et réfutations critiques rythment le cours, avec une fréquence telle que ni la …

Anne-Charlotte Yver

*1987, Saint-Mandé, France, lives and works in Paris
Residency period: July until September 2014

Diplômée de l’école des Beaux-arts de Paris en 2011, Anne-Charlotte développe depuis, à travers des projets d’exposition (Galerie In Situ en 2012, Palais de Tokyo en 2013, Galerie Marine Veilleux et Salon de Montrouge en 2014) et de résidences…